About Scate

Scate. Wife. Law student. Active Girl who likes food.
Besides baking, Scate also enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, running and walking Mikka ; and indoor activities such as knitting, hanging out with H, and even cooking.

As a full time law student (2L), she feels lucky to be able to focus on school and happy to have found a career calling. She knows that she couldn't do it alone, and is thankful for the support of her husband and the generosity of mentors who have given their time to helping her along her path.

Scate grew up in Northern Minnesota with family on the Iron Range and in the Duluth area. With a strong Finnish heritage and a strong line of bakers - there is always something to learn from history and tradition. Scate married into Italian tastes - which brought spice and flavor to a new level. Salt and Pepper - meet hot sauce.

Food. Food is a necessary part of every day - why not enjoy it? There are at least three chances to practice and learn every day. This is a skill, a hobby, a study - that can be enjoyed for the rest of life.

You can contact Scate by email [ScateBakes@gmail] or by leaving a comment. On Ravelry and LibraryThing as Scate. Thanks for stopping by!

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