Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Review: Secret Ingredients

The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink
Here it is - another solo night. Dinner tonight was a slice of quadruple creme chese with crackers and wine. Here, you see the last glass of wine and the start of some FUN reading. If I read anything about intentional torts, I'm going to close the book.
I really don't expect any bad behavior from this particular book. Secret Ingredients is a complilation of New Yorker articles - all relating to food or eating food - spanning from the '30s to today. I've read about eating a 30 course meal in france that REQUIRED purging just to make it through the meal - to eating a true Steak Dinner in New York during the depression.
My favorite detail is that the year is not unveiled until the end of the article. So - you go through the whole article (which are surprisingly long for a magazine article but not bad in hardcover) without a pretense of era. Not knowing the year really lets the reader identify with the story - then to find out the story was published 80 years ago - or 10. I am reminded that people have been eating food from the beginning of time.
So, if you are like me and can't commit to 582 pages of pure food passion - try out the short story compilation built from quality writing throughout the ages.
Being a "foodie" may not be that hip afterall.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School: Best lunches to power the mind

Somehow, going back to school is changing more than just my daytime address. I am finding that the food my body is screaming for (hopefully, not in the middle of Torts!) is different than when I was hanging out in a cube and running to meetings.

So, what is so different about being a student?

No more "Team Table" or Free Time.
If you know me - you know that I was the most guilty of them all for filling said table (work lunch table) with fun baked goods that I would make during my infinite free time in the evening or on the weekend. Well - no more free time to bake, and no real place to share snacks. I'm sure my peers would love free food. But, I'm not so certain of the sanitary level of each student... it's just not the same as the old team table.

After a summer of PLAY - I want healthy!
I had a really fun few weeks of vacation. Biking 60 miles will do things for your rear, as will sitting in the fun office chair for 8 (more like 10+) - - - imagine that my body is really happy right now. So - when my body is happy, active and healthy - it demands the same in food (most of the time). I find myself craving grapes, apples, salads - the Quizno sub just doesn't look good right now.

Guideline for a great lunch:
1. Real Food - try to avoid processed
2. Filling - but not high calorie (fiber is good)
3. Variety - different colors and tastes
4. Avoid sugar, excess salt and fats

My short list (needs your help!)
- Turkey and Hummus on sandwich round
- Carrots
- Grapes
- pretzels
- mini Cliff bars

What do you like - or do you have suggestions (especially those that don't require refrigeration)?
Get Schooled by Epicurious!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Farmers Market Find: Cream Cheese Brioche

What is the perfect mid-morning snack after discussing 3rd Degree Murder with a Depraved Heart?
Well, this depraved belly wants a cream cheese brioche that has been sitting next to my computer for a whole hour. Thursday means the downtown Farmers Market in Minneapolis. After being away for 2 weeks - i've missed finding my favorite spot. Today - it was located at my bus stop. Cocoa and Fig. They really know pastries and how to make a law student happy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Roadtrip Week 1: Driving and Hiking in Canada

Today marks day 7 and 2100 miles of a 14 day/4000 mile roadtrip.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Law School Prep: Drinking down a Patty Melt

Law School. 1L. I can count the number of days of summer left on my fingers.

The best way to ease the anxiety is to make dinner with my husband, dear H. What better way to deal with stress than to EAT and drink?!?