Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School: Best lunches to power the mind

Somehow, going back to school is changing more than just my daytime address. I am finding that the food my body is screaming for (hopefully, not in the middle of Torts!) is different than when I was hanging out in a cube and running to meetings.

So, what is so different about being a student?

No more "Team Table" or Free Time.
If you know me - you know that I was the most guilty of them all for filling said table (work lunch table) with fun baked goods that I would make during my infinite free time in the evening or on the weekend. Well - no more free time to bake, and no real place to share snacks. I'm sure my peers would love free food. But, I'm not so certain of the sanitary level of each student... it's just not the same as the old team table.

After a summer of PLAY - I want healthy!
I had a really fun few weeks of vacation. Biking 60 miles will do things for your rear, as will sitting in the fun office chair for 8 (more like 10+) - - - imagine that my body is really happy right now. So - when my body is happy, active and healthy - it demands the same in food (most of the time). I find myself craving grapes, apples, salads - the Quizno sub just doesn't look good right now.

Guideline for a great lunch:
1. Real Food - try to avoid processed
2. Filling - but not high calorie (fiber is good)
3. Variety - different colors and tastes
4. Avoid sugar, excess salt and fats

My short list (needs your help!)
- Turkey and Hummus on sandwich round
- Carrots
- Grapes
- pretzels
- mini Cliff bars

What do you like - or do you have suggestions (especially those that don't require refrigeration)?
Get Schooled by Epicurious!


Pearl said...

i love packing lunch, too!

Frieda said...

Try one of those small insulated lunch bags that have a frozen packet to slip in...put a salad together and put dressing in a separate container and you'll be happy~

Cheryl said...

I always like the 7 layer salad - you get more protein in the salad and it's something you can make the nite before. Popcorn to nibble on is filling and if you don't add butter, not so greasy. Good for when you're reading.