Thursday, February 19, 2009

new drinks

Do you have a favorite drink? Or maybe just the standby that is safe - you know you like it, you know what to expect - so even though you WANT to try something new - you don't want to be disappointed.

My 'winter' drink has been a 7 and Ginger (Seagram's 7 and ginger ale) for the same amount of time. My big change: i move to a vodka tonic when the temperature moves above freezing. It's not only alcoholic drinks - it's my coffee drink too. I go up to the counter thinking - even reading the menu - seeking out something new, something exciting, something that I am sure to enjoy... and i order my medium skim half shot of caramel latte not too hot - EVERY TIME.

So, I'm out with H last night - celebrating 3 years of bliss. We went to one of our favorite places - the bar at La Belle Vie. It's cozy, it's pretty, it's fancy - but still casual. Perfect for a weeknight dinner to celebrate. As I scanned the somewhat short menu - I was seeking something new. There it was - I almost missed it - the Kasparov. Sounds sexy, sounds like a good winter drink. And look - it has Jamison Whisky (similar to 7 - only better) and "tastes of orange, ginger, and..." something else that I can't remember and wasn't exactly memorable. If you know it - please let me know so I can replicate.

So - here is my best guess at this drink. I had 2 - just to make sure that I could remember the drink.

Kasparov (as served at La Belle Vie)
Glass: double old fashioned with ice
1.5 oz Jameson whisky
fill remaining glass with half ginger ale and half orange juice
garnish: orange slice

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Tangled Noodle said...

Jameson and Ginger is one of our fave drinks - we first had it at The Local! The Kasparov sounds like something we'll definitely try. I'd love to experience dinner at La Belle Vie but we haven't even made it to the bar yet! Thanks for the glimpse - we'll put it on our 'be sure to do' list!