Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fav Things: Junior League Cookbooks

I just got home from the year end meeting for the Junior League of Minneapolis. The baton was passed from current President - to next year's president, awards were given, tears were shed. It was really quite nice - and the food was GREAT!

It reminded me of meeting one Junior League sustainer member, Pam, who collects cookbooks by Junior League groups from around the country. She has books from Kansas City, New York, Florida, and of course Minnesota. The Minnesota book is her stated favorite (although i feel like she might be biased...)

Anyway you slice it - these books are great. I've even invested in a few books from out of state. I would love to collect more of these. Do you have any favorites?
In my collection:
Minneapolis/St Paul: Always Superb
Kansas City?: Beyond Parsley and Above and Beyond Parsley
Boca Raton: Savor the Moment


Pearl said...

wow i've never heard of these - how interesting!

Katherine Aucoin said...

The Junior League Cookbooks of Baton Rouge are a Louisiana tradition. I couldn't live without my three volumes...they are cooking gold!

Kate said...

My mom always had the Junior League cookbooks - can't remember the titles, but they were from both Iowa and Illinois (we lived on the border between the two states).