Monday, June 15, 2009

Festival de Corn Dog

The 7th Annual Sutton Corndog Festival
Below is the email information from the event that took place last weekend. It was a small affair - we all tried to convince Mr. Sutton of getting into the Great Minnesota State Fair with these babies... Maybe next year! There is no way to accurately represent the information in a better way - so here it is in the original form (The Cheesy Obamba was the winner by far!)

It’s 2009, a year of discovery and “change”. The country has a new President, the Viking’s have a new quarterback, and the Corndog Festival has a cause. So listen up!

This year we turn our eye to our attention to a worthy, and local, cause. We are proud to donate proceeds to the Miracles of Mitch Foundation A Minnesota based 501c3 organization, whose sole purpose is to improve the quality of life for children, and their families, who struggle daily with cancer.

Obviously the economy has scared the bejesus out of most of us. If you are like me, you flinch before reaching for your wallet. I know you are excited to and look forward to debauchery that takes place every year at the Corndog Festival. If you are a cheapskate, you can still look forward to the free ride by my blood, sweat, and tears. However, if you have even smallest of hearts, we ask that you donate what you feel comfortable with knowing that your money will go to a good cause, the foundation and corndogs.
Your heart will cry for mercy, and your soul will cry for joy.

Notable Menu items this year:
The Corndog:
Really, this is why we are here folks. Need I say more? If you need an explanation please do not come.
The Cheesy Wonder: Believe it or not, it is making a comeback. A deep fried hotdog cloaked in american cheese, battered with my famous corn dog mix, and lovingly served on a stick.

The Obamba: The jury is still out… I think we really pushed the envelope on this one last year. Wrapping a hotdog in pastrami not only challenges culinary wisdom, but also defies the laws of physics. We are asking a lot out of that stick.
The Cheesy Obamba: Now we’ve gone too far by promising too much too fast…
The Red Dog: Let’s just say this one might burn a little. It is a delicately deep fried hot link that is sure to spice up your night, and likely the following day.
The Whitey: A unique experience indeed. Taking New York’s famous white hotdog and embracing it in a warm hug of fat, flour, and other secret herbs and spices
Tots and Fries: Served with genuine ketchup. "Is that real tomato ketchup Eddie?"
Pam's Queso: Velveeta makes everything taste better. Just don't ask what's in it
Beer: And lot's of it
Soda: Because not everyone drinks beer
Water: Because it’s free from the hose

Dog wrapped in bacon and american cheese, breaded, and fried. This is called the Obamba because it has "too much going on." It was my favorite.


Adrienne said...

The only thing better than a hot dog is a hot dog battered and fried. Good choice of festival.

matzoball said...

omg, I love corndogs! what a fun event- Ive never seen anything liek this before. haha

Anonymous said...

What a fun festival! Corndogs look yummy!

Richard Thorson said...

My reading comprehension may be poor, but where is it happening?

Scate said...

Richard - sorry to say, but this happened last weekend. I reworded the intro to avoid further confusion. I hope I get invited to the 8th annual next year! Maybe we can convince the host that this is worth a community-wide invitation next year!