Sunday, September 20, 2009

Natural Sweetener: Maple Syrup in my coffee!

    Sometimes - I just can't sit in the library and I don't want to hold my condo hostage from my husband - so I go to a coffee shop to study.  
    Using maple syrup in my skim 3 shot latte was purely accidental - really more laziness in the guise of creative ingeniuity. Here I am with my highlighters, books and laptop spread out across the tiny little coffee-shop table. With everything in place - I didn't feel like walking over to the sugar and cream stand to make my strong latte a little more sweet. So - I used the maple syrup that came with my oatmeal.

First - maple syrup in oatmeal. This is really good! The taste is a bit more refined than just brown sugar. I think the liquid form also helped the taste spread through the oatmeal more easily and throroughly than sugar crystals.

Second - maple syrup in a latte is really fantastic. I learned (ck the food facts) that this natural sweetener is only 60% as sweet as white sugar. It also has added nutrients of Magnesium and Zinc. This is a much better alternative to unnatural *fake* sugar in my book! Of course, I'm not diabetic - so I don't have to worry about blood sugar issues.

I'm quite certain that this accidental and lazy discovery of mine has been perfected by many out in the world of foodie internets. So - what kind of suggestions do you have? Below are some more sites that I found interesting regarding the use of natural sweeteners - but I love hearing real stories!

LivRite alternative sweeteners in the home
US News article on natural sweeteners
Recipes from the Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers website


Joelen said...

Genius! What a great way to sweeten and add flavor to coffee!

Mommy Gourmet said...

I don't put sweet in my coffee, typically, but I might have to try this. I have a freakish obsession with maple syrup (the real stuff). Put it in your freezer (keeps better) and for a real treat, put some on a spoon and just eat it. It is like a maple syrup popcycle. SOOOOO GOOOD! I also use it when I make banan bread instead of sugar. Better results, better for you.

Karine said...

Maple syrup goes everythere :) This is one of the joy of this golden liquid.

But I had never thought of using it in my coffee.. and that is a great idea!