Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Get Punchy!

punch [puhnch] –noun

1. a beverage consisting of wine or spirits mixed with fruit juice, soda, water, milk, or the like, and flavored with sugar, spices, etc.
2. a beverage of two or more fruit juices, sugar, and water, sometimes carbonated.

Make your holiday hosting a BREEZE by preparing a punch or other big batch beverage for your next gathering. Read More and Click on the beverage for the link to the recipe.

Mulled Red Wine (adapted from Barefoot Contessa and Gourmet)
- Main Tastes: Red Wine, Citrus, Kirsch,
- Serve Warm - will make your house smell delicious!

Admiral Russell's Christmas Punch (Bon Appetit)
- Main Tastes: Lemon, Cognac and Sherry

Sherry Eggnog (Esquire)

Homemade Hot Chocolate
- great to have on hand for the kids
- keep a bottle of peppermint schnapps handy for the adults


Trish said...

Great ideas and recipes. BTW...what year of Law are you in. Just wondering...grin. My 18 year old just started first year in a PoliSci Major in his Arts with a hope to write his LSAT in third year... A long haul and first year university away from home...its hard...poor kid! Anyway...good luck...I know it is a long haul! I agree...who wants an average study hard...glad you have this creative outlet as a stress reliever!

Scate said...

Thanks Trish. I'm in my first year (aka 1L). So - first round of finals in the next few weeks. A little crazy - but great. Best of luck to your son.