Thursday, January 21, 2010

MPLS: Breakfast ideas from The Good Day Cafe

Best Breakfast i've had in - well, awhile - was at the Good Day Cafe in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Idea # 1: A dessert/Appetizer before breakfast - freshly made beignet with sugar, served before the breakfast comes out. YUM!

Idea #2: Fried Egg sandwich - on brioch! The sandwich could be easily replicated at home - fried onions, tomato, fried egg, shaved ham and avocado slices.
Idea #3: Eggs Benedict - with guacamole instead of meat. There was something magical about the lemony hollandaise over a pile of guac. This particular sandwich could have used half the guac (a little overwhelming) but the effect was nice. Could be replicated at home if I felt like making hollandaise in the morning. Maybe this one is best left to the experts!


kat said...

We love Good Day Cafe, if only it was closer. Have you tried Blackbird for breakfast? yum!

Scate said...

Blackbird is a favorite too! H and I love going out for breakfast on the weekend - then I go to school and he goes off to something more fun than studying. This morning -we went to the Grand Cafe. The winning dish was the corn beef. Outstanding. I love Minneapolis restaurants!