Friday, November 21, 2008

Planning a Cookie Exchange

Cookie Exchanges are so fun - and a great way to get a unique assortment of cookies. I'm planning an upcoming exchange with a bunch of friends - many of whom have never participated in the exchange. The questions are mostly around acceptable cookie choices. Are brownies OK? How many cookies will I need to make? I am getting some feedback that my 'invitation' is a little intimidating... well, it's straightforward - and this is serious business! I even removed some of the rules that I found online when looking for some guidelines!

Below is my version of the Cookie Exchange Rules:

Take a break from the holiday rush and spend some time with old and new friends. Appetizers and hot drinks will be provided while sampling all of the great holiday cookies!



* Please RSVP by 12/01

* include type of cookie that you plan on baking to avoid duplicates

What to bring:

* 1 dozen cookies per attendee (official count to be made by 12/01)

* 1 dozen cookies for sample buffet (broken cookies OK to sample!)

* Containers to carry away your assortment

* Copies of your recipe for others

Cookie Rules:

* "no-bake" cookies not allowed (not fair to exchange rice krispies for hand-decorated sugar cookies!)

*If you would like to see the cookie on a holiday platter it will be perfect for the exchange!

* If you don't have time to bake, or if your recipe took a turn for the worse, you can substitute with yummy, real-bakery cookies.

* If you cannot attend and would still like to exchange cookies, you may deliver your cookies the day before the party. I will exchange for you.

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