Sunday, November 30, 2008

Potica (pah-TEET-zah)

Baking potica is something that always reminds me of my great-grandmother. She could roll the dough so thinly - the point was to read the newspaper through the dough. I finally had the chance to try out the recipe in a large bakery kitchen. Somehow, working in a real bakery allowed the dough to stretch more thinly than I can ever get it at home.

Working with my Mom was even more special. She saw my great-grandmother make this many more times than I ever did. She has the right cloth to roll up the dough and heavy duty ovens to make many loaves at once.

The recipe is a bit of a family secret - and permission has not yet been obtained to publish. However, if you have at least learned how to pronouce Potica - this was worth the read. The walnut filled coffee cake is a favorite for my family.

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Sharon said...

Whoa, look at that dough - it's huge! Sounds delicious. I'd love to see the secret recipe if you can part with it! :)