Saturday, December 12, 2009

Impressive: On Hand, No Time, and Little Mess

In 72 hours, my first semester of law school will be over. Scary.

I wanted something other than a can of soup for dinner, but didn't want to take much time to deal with it. Plus, I really didn't want a mess to clean up - again, the time constraint. I can use that time for studying - and writing a blog post! So efficient.

I can think of plenty of lazy mornings when breakfast is needed, something *special* - but also easy, quick and hard to screw up.

FRENCH TOAST. Must be the easiest thing to make next to opening a can of speghetti-O's.

It's next to impossible to screw this one up. It's OK to wing this recipe - as long as you get the basic eggs and milk - the rest is in there to make it pop, make it impress, and hopefully - give you more time for other important things. Substantial Performance is what matters - just get it close enough. Material Breaches are virtually impossible. [can you tell i've been studying contract law for the past 3 days?]

Scate's French Toast Base
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk [whole is best - egg nog works here too]
Pinch of salt

[The changeable part:]
Orange/Cardamom Taste Explosion
Orange Zest
Squeeze of Orange Juice
1-2 oz Orange Liqueur - [i had mandarine on hand]
1/4 tsp Ground Cardamom [cinnamon would also work]
1/8 tsp Nutmeg [fresh ground is best]

* In a wide bottomed bowl or cake pan whisk up the eggs and rest of ingredients until really well combined.
* Dredge each side of the bread - and let it soak for a few minutes if you can.
* Cook in a non-stick pan, or a stick pan with lots of butter.
* Serve immediately - with real maple syrup.

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Kris said...

If you've never tried, it pick up a loaf of King's Hawaiian Bread next time you're at the store (it's round). As I learned from my husband, it makes the best french toast.