Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Julia Childs' Puff Pastry: Do not be afraid!

First, you need this book to make this amazingly easy puff pastry. Second, nothing in the freezer section holds a candle to this - and the kudos you will get for attempting such a "big" dough. Last - oh the things you can do! Puff Pastry is going to be great wrapped around a brie and a chutney madee with cranberries and pears. The leftover dough is 100% potential - beef wellington, appetizers, a simple jam tart... mmmmm.

Healthy Delicious: Baked Brie with cranberries and pears [made with my homemade puff pastry]


Mary said...

I couldn't melt chocolate chips tonight!! LOL, I think J. Child will have to wait for me for a while! Good luck!

kat said...

We had to do this for Daring Bakers this year & I was really impressed with myself for making puff pastry.

Hill said...

I have this huge fear that puff pastries are going to be one of those things that I try and fail horribly at. But I feel reassured with your words that it's "easy." So I will have to give this a try sometime soon!