Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cookie Exchange!

I've read a few FB updates from friends who are frantically baking for an upcoming Exchange. It's pretty exciting to read about as I rewrite my Torts Outline in the Library as opposed to getting flour all over the kitchen and making a triple batch of Butter Cookies...

Hosting Tips: Make it easy for your guests.
It's not too late to plan if you want to host. You can go "hardcore" with the Cookie Exchange Rules - or just ask friends to bring over 2 dozen cookies and go from there. I would HIGHLY recommend some mulled wine or cider on hand. It will really make your place smell like Christmas. Set out empty platters to hold other's cookies. People usually pack their own in a rubbermaid that needs to be emptied before filling back up with the assortment.

Let people know that it is OK to bring store/bakery cookies! It's busy for many - or the batch may not have turned out quite right... Either way, it's more fun to spend time with friends (plus, store bought are always edible!)

Have fun! I might miss out on the Exchange fun - but I am still planning on baking up a storm as soon as these finals are over. Can't wait!
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