Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Round-Up

Great gifts don't have to be expensive - a good gift is something that is useful and wanted by the recipient (not just the gift giver!) Do they have everything they need? Get a consumable - like chocolate or alcohol.

Here are some fun ideas for the stocking, gift exchange, or even gift wrap bling!

* GREAT chocolate: check out the specialty bars at the grocery store or kitchen supply store. They usually come in small sizes and with some really fun flavors.

* 1oz. Alcohol bottles: they are just so cute - and perfect to slip into the cider while opening gifts. Pick up at the checkout of the liquor store.
* Cheese Cloth: one of those things you can't pick up at the grocery store - but is SO handy!
* Kitchen Glove $14.95: ever watch someone almost take off a finger? Great for using with a mandoline.
*Pastry Brush: even if they have one, they get old and need replacing - so it's never bad to have more than one!
* Microplane: they come in a million sizes - I use mine all of the time! Great for zests, nutmeg, cheese - whatever. Also - a good fit for the stocking.
* Magazines: great if you need something to read while digesting all the great food - and they roll to fit into a stocking quite well.
*Travel Size anything: right price, and always nice to have nice products to travel with.

What do you hope will end up in your stocking??

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