Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fav Things: Soy Milk

OK - i'm not much for evangalizing anything, but soy milk could change your life - I swear!

I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be cool at the coffee shop. I always want to be a little different.

I tried drinking a soy latte - a bit too much change at one time. Plus, messing with my 'latte' concoction is tricky. I have my order down to a science { medium skim latte with half a shot of caramel not so hot}. Gave up lattes for lent - so these are on hold for a bit.

What worked: Soy Milk on cereal and in home brewed coffee!

This is such a winning combination. I like Plain soymilk - it still tastes like a malted milkshake for breakfast - which is fantastic! I usually eat some kind of Kashi cereal in the morning. I also pour a little soy milk in my travel mug to take to work (since i gave up the lattes). I always have needed cream in my coffee - and don't like using plain milk. Milk just tastes too watery for me. So - the soy milk works.

Here's where it changes your life: my doctor said that I have the best cholesterol she has ever seen. OK - that might be a little exaggeration, but not by much. My "good" cholesterol tops the chart (she did say that she has never seen the numbers quite that high) and my "bad" cholesterol is really low. My husband does not have ideal cholesterol - and since the only difference is the Soy Milk - it must be the key!

Did I convince you? Just try it! Or check out the internets for yourself:


- bcgw. said...

I looooove soy milk! Started drinking it about 4 years ago after reading whats actually in your milk, I drink it in my coffee, put it in my desserts, drink it plain... one of my best finds, ever.

Tangled Noodle said...

Chocolate soymilk - sweet, sweet elixir!