Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breakfast Reigns

Breakfast for a crowd takes planning, proper timing and a flexible sleep schedule.  Wednesday morning was a large group monthly meeting hosted by my 7 person team. Having the baking bug, I volunteered to bake everything needed for this breakfast and everyone else could just pitch in for the ingredients. I get to bake and everyone else just has to show up - it's a win-win!
The Plan: make everything "mini"
This will encourage people to actually eat MORE than they would if everything was normal size. I don't want to bring food home or 
have leftovers to throw away. Make things mini - and people will eat 2 or 3 or 5 instead of just 1. 
Menu: Cinnamon RollsBlueberry MuffinsBanana Chocolate Chip MuffinsBiscotti (see last post), and fruit salad (made by another 'doer' 
co-worker.) Click on the links above for the recipe.
The Timing:
Weekend: read recipes, write shopping list and go shopping
Monday evening: bake biscotti
Tuesday: run after work, shower, start baking.
7pm: make double batch cinnamon roll dough (recipe posted is a 
double), let raise for 1.5 hours
7:45: make blueberry muffins (makes alot - 
3 pans!)
9:00: make banana chocolate chip muffins 
(2 batches)
9:30: punch down roll dough, cut into 1/4 portions, make filling, roll - cut - 
space out 
in jelly roll pan
10:30: finish filling, rolling, and cutting buns - put filled pans into fridge
10:45: make cream cheese 
filling - put into fridge, 
pack up plates 
- silverware - oohh, placecards - I can use those for labeling the goods!
11:00: go to bed - try to sleep. I hope I don't miss my early alarm.
3:30am: pull buns out of fridge onto the counter to come up to room temp. Go back to sleep. I love baking. 
6:30am: put still-cool buns into cold oven, turn on to 350. Buns RISE during the prehe
ating - it worked! I LOVE BAKING.
7:10: Condo smells GREAT. Timer has not gone off, but it smells too good... SH**
7:11: pull out rolls, throw away the edges that got burned on the bottom. Quick - remove from
 pans to help stop the cooking. Smear with frosting to help keep buns soft. Place in gift boxes lined with parchment (easier to throw away at work than a rubbermaid).
7:35: throw hair up, make-up on - late for work!
8:35: People are eating. Did you actually make this? This is the best breakfast we have ever had. THANK YOU.


Culinary Wannabe said...

NICE WORK! What a schedule! I bet you had baking dreams.

Cakelaw said...

Ooh, bannan choc chip muffins - that's what I want for brekky. I love the icecream scoop photo of preparing the muffins.

Paul and Rachael Cassleman said...

You seriously did all of this for work?? Wow - IMPRESSIVE!