Sunday, March 29, 2009

On Vacation: Day 1

On Vacation - this is really nice. The weather is warm - 82 - which always makes me feel like I am on vacation. Living in Minnesota - I even feel like I'm on vacation in the summer when it gets warm and sunny. I'm not thinking too much about baking, but we did find a great fish market in Clearwater. We bought a nice grouper filet to blacken for dinner. With the huge selection of fresh fish, H. picked out a huge cookbook by James Peterson - an encyclopedia really - called Fish & Shellfish. We plan on returning to the fish market often. Dinner last night also included grits - something we rarely see in the northland.

So - a nice happy hour last night - a great dinner - and a really nice night of no worries. Off on a run now. It looks like some rain - so hope it holds off for awhile. 

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tipsybaker said...

I have that book, Fish, but have never used it. I'd be interested to hear about your experience.