Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bakery Find: A Baker's Wife in Minneapolis

A Baker's Wife Pastry Shop
4200 28th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 729-6898

note: this is not endorsed by the bakery and I was not paid or enticed in any way to post this.

As I was scanning the choices for my breakfast this morning - I saw that there was only one cherry pastry left on the tray. I kept looking - there was a lot to see - then went back to the cherry and it was gone! There were no other customers - so I thought maybe it was pulled for a good reason (it better be a good reason because I LOVE cherry.)

The best reason of all - to refill the tray with fresh from the oven pastries. Wow. This was soft and buttery - not at all dry. The cherries were sour with just a bit of topping and frosting keeping the cherries the centerpiece.

I sat at a little table outside - inside were some chairs and tables, but not much room to hang out. This was a true bakery with an espresso machine - but not the 'coffee shop' environment that would encourage loitering. I loved how the interior was covered with funny signs, mismatched tables and chairs, and had the baked goods front and center. I think this is the sign of an owner with proper priorities - BAKING. I don't think the owner focused much on branding - but maybe that was the point?

Try it - you'll like it.


kat said...

We've yet to try them though I think they were written up as one of the best bakeries in Mpls St. Paul Mag

Tangled Noodle said...

Thanks for this tip! Since we're now further away, I sometimes feel out of the loop regarding these great little spots. And that's an awesome cherry pastry!

Willy L said...

I thought I didn't like danishes until we moved just down the street from "the wife." This is one of the best morning treats I've ever had. You should also try the coffee cake. It's like a jumbo sized danish for six. I'm partial to the apricot one.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are big fans of A Baker's Wife. It is worth remembering though, that their muffins are served very cold. That was a huge surprise for me one morning. Since then, I stick with the danishes or the doughnuts.

Anonymous said...

Baker's Wife is absolutely my favorite bakery in the TC. Try their special-order cakes will be blown away!

Michael said...

The American Tea Cakes are one of their best items. I'm a sucker for the sour cherry danish you have pictured here, but the Tea Cakes you've gotta try...


Alex said...

Best chocolate croissants this side of the Atlantic (she says, as if she's eaten many on the other side of the Atlantic).