Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Love from Minnesota: New In Town

From a native (and current) Minnesotan - 'New in Town' is at once hilarious and accurate. The sense of humor, the language, the accent - it's all too true.
There are some subtleties that some non-natives would not pick up on.

1. Conflict is bad. Changing the subject is better than arguing. In fact, many do not know how to argue and if you see an argument - it's pretty odd. So - in an early scene when Renee is arguing over the dinner table I couldn't stop laughing. The kids thought it was "cool" because they had never seen people argue!

2. Everyone knows everybody. Watch out - because they are probably related too.

3. Making jokes about Jesus may be really funny - but not in a small MN town!

4. The handy Min UH SOH TAH pronunciation guide is quite accurate and helpful if moving to a small town here. Check out the link on the movie website here.

5. You need a car emergency kit. A handmade quilt with helpful phone numbers sewn on the squares would really be the ideal for your trunk. Don't drive anywhere without a blanket in the car! A bottle of alcohol really isn't a good idea.

6. Just because someone sounds different, likes to give hugs and values tapioca - doesn't make them less smart.

7. Not everyone or everytown in Minnesota is like the movie. Minnesota is a great mix of tradition and culture - and it isn't always cold. We just like to think that we have 4 distinct seasons - and it gives us something to agree on.


LoveFeast Table said...

I was visiting CA in MN, I'm from Baltimore, I was talking to a local business owner and was excited about her new business! As I talked to her (I guess I was East Coast animated) she was slowly backing up until she was in the corner. I stepped back and quickly gathered myself and remembered where I was! Oof-tamya!!

Frieda said...

This is a good movie! Thanks for pointing out the subtleties!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Oh, I'll have to look for this one :)