Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bakery Find: Salty Tart in Minneapolis

Salty Tart is located in the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. Again - this has not been endorsed or solicitated by anyone other than my love and quest for the best baked goods.
The best question when standing in front of the bakery case - is how much can I possibly hold down - this all looks so great!

I made a morning out of this quest. First stop - a run around one of the many lakes in Minneapolis. I knew that hitting a bakery would take some prework - and so I picked a nearby lake that I had never run around before. Lake Nokomis was full of walkers, bikers and even some on rollerblades. I ran one loop - then threw on the skates for another lap for good measure. GOOD THING - because I was not in any position to only choose one treat from this bakery.

From the case - I chose a nectarine galette (made with half of an organic nectarine and pounds of butter). I also purchased a coconut macaroon and brioch filled with custard. A coffee and water - and I was ready for the challenge. The brioch and macaroon were meant for later - which meant I had them for lunch. The nectarine delight was my special treat. The woman behind the counter said that it tasted just like summer - and she was right.

This bakery was just opened in 2008 - but has already gotten several good reviews. I loved that everything was housemade - and very professionally done. The options were at once unique and traditional. My only wish would be for the Salty Tart to open a location in my neighborhood (that's St. Anthony Main in NE MPLS - Hennepin and University Aves in case anyone from the ST is reading this!!).

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kat said...

That place is just too tempting when I'm at the market

Salty Tart said...

dun dunn dunnnn.... salty tart just read your blog! thanks for saying nice things! we appreciate you as a great customer!

Scate said...

Does that mean you'll open a location near Hennepin and University? There's some LOVELY space in the Cobalt...

Salty Tart said...

actually, that old bobino space looked pretty cool..until we found out it was taken =/
we'll keep that area in mind, thanks for the suggestion.