Friday, April 10, 2009

Be your own Super Hero

Tapping into a part of your personality in a blog might show the world your love of baking, food, wine, knitting or some other activity based love. What about the part of your personality that has unique powers and abilities - the SUPER HERO you?

You can make your own Super Hero at The Hero Factory - it is worth 5 minutes of your time. Check it out. Maybe this weekend you will go into a phone booth - and come out as the Intimidating Impenetrable Chrome Girl.
Chrome Girl's Features
- Skin made of chrome (not stainless steel that collects fingerprints)
- Always carries a weapon (silicon baster at the moment)
- Face Mask and clothing made with SPF 85 organic cotton


Kate said...

Thanks for the fun link - I'm looking forward to trying this out... (I can always find some sort of project to procrastinate on)

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this- it sounds so fun!