Saturday, April 25, 2009

Breakfast of Champions!

Today is the day - the half marathon race. It's the first race of the summer for me - so I'm a little curious about how I will feel, what my pace will be, and if it just MIGHT stop raining???

Essential: coffee, fiber cereal (i even mixed in some of H's super fiber icky cereal!), and water. 

Whatever. My long runs have been fun and I am going to the race with some friends. So I have the promise of a running buddy and I own a raincoat - so it can't be that bad!

Hope you are having a good weekend. 

Update: the run went great! Thanks to my friend/running coach/drill sergeant Matt - we stayed true to the goal of 10 minute miles. The rain held off - against forecasts - and the temps stayed at a perfect 50 degrees. A two hour nap later - and H. is back home - time to have some fun!


Joelen said...

Good luck on the race!! :)

Pearl said...

good luck on the 1/2 marathon! you'll do fantastic! :)

Donna-FFW said...

Good for you. Awesome run!

Claudia said...

My husband and daughter did the 5K. Cool - but at least the expected downpour didn't happen. They were impressed with the half-marathoners - but thought one half-marathoner who finished early (impressive) and went on to run extra miles was overkill! Congrats to you - I used to run and now am feeling - old.