Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fav Things: Cookbook Collection

I Y Cookbooks.

I love to collect them. Read them, and sometimes even try a recipe from them. I find that I go back to the same cookbooks over and over again and some books never get any attention after the initial honeymoon period is over. Due to the space constraints of a downtown condo - we only keep the best within reach. All others get banished to the bedroom bookshelf and even (gasp) a box in the storage unit... They have to be really bad to give away. I still go online and find recipes. Funny thing happened recently - I was looking for a recipe for Bucatini - and one review said that the recipe in the Silver Spoon was better than the recipe I was reading. So - the unknown online chef led me back to my first love - books.

Looking at this picture and trying to pick a favorite is a little like picking a favorite pair of shoes. It depends on the outfit! The most often picked: New Best Recipe, Bon Appetit, Cake Bible, Pie Bible, Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol 1, The Italian book, and the Finnish Cookbook.

What are your favorites?


Rindy R said...

I always find myself looking back into the original Betty Crocker cookbook. I call and ask my mom questions and she always refers me back to Betty. I do love my Cooking Light magazines though.

City Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by :) I cant wait for summer either :) I too am a huge cookbook fan. My current favorites (which means they are the three I have been reading most lately) are Chez Panisse Vegetables, 660 Curries and Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book. I know - pretty weird combination, right?

tipsybaker said...

What is your Finnish cookbook?

Scate said...

Finnish Cookbook by Beatrice Ojakangas

The copy i have was printed in 1964 and gifted from my husband's percussion professor at Oberlin. It has great classics like 'Pulla' (cardamom bread).

vfalbo said...

I go to the internet a lot. But a couple books that have become staples in our kitchen: "Jacques Pepin's Complete Techniques" - He taught me how to clean leeks, and "Reader's Digest Homemade" where I've learned to make my own cocktail sauce!